Monday, October 1, 2007

On the weekend 1+1=3

I managed to accomplish a lot this weekend. Not only did I successfully finish my game in a day challenge for the Dozen Days of Dice series, but I also got Modern Cribbage to a pretty functional state.

The game I chose for the dozen days challenge is a street game called Threes. The game seems simple but actually has a surprising amount of strategy involved. Of course, it is a dice game so luck is also a big factor in playing the game.

Cribbage is fully playable, but could use a bit of fine tuning. This leads to the question of whether I should try to quickly tune up the game for Friday, or if I should release Threes on Friday and hold Cribbage back until the 19th? If any of the few people who actually read this have a preference, they can determine my choice by emailing me (spelchan) at my email address.

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