Thursday, October 4, 2007

Why don't I use C

With all my ranting about the limitations of Java applets and Flash, one must wonder why I simply don't use C. I use to do a lot of C programming in the past for the simple reason that it is a lot faster to write code in C than in Assembly Language and the code is much easier to port. While Java and ActionScript are easier than C, they are not that much easier so one has to wonder why I am being such an idiot and sticking with Flash when if I moved back to C I could quit complaining about the limitations and start writing multi-threaded games that took advantage of hardware 3D.

The biggest factor has to be the simple fact that I want people to play my games. If people had to download the games and run them on their computer, the number of people who would play my games would drop, probably drastically.

The second reason is that I then have to worry about which operating system I am writing the game for and have to deal with porting the game to other operating systems when it is done. This is starting to become a non-issue as there are many cross-platform libraries now available and many of them are open source.

The third reason is that by having the game on my own site, I never have to deal with versions of the game. If I make an improvement to a game (or fix a bug, not that my games have any of those) then that version gets posted and everybody is immediately using the latest and greatest version. Anybody who has had to answer complaints about version 1.0 when the issue was resolved in 1.1 and the current version is 3.0 knows what I am talking about.

Still, once I have finished my current list of projects (One of those Weeks, Coffee Quest revenge b4 5 and 6, Dozen Days Pentalogy, and the Ultimate Retro Project) I will probably take another look at going to C for my next project.

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