Monday, October 29, 2007

I hate schedules but I still need them

When I am being paid by a third party, schedules are very important. I have to complete things by certain dates and that makes perfect sense. After all, that is why I am being paid. When it comes to Blazing Games things are different as it is done in my spare time. However, the new home page that I want to switch to is going to require that I be much more tied to a schedule. In fact, I am going to have to be over a month ahead of schedule with regards to the games that I am going to be releasing. This would be a lot easier than it sounds if every release took the same amount of time. This is not the case. Some releases only take 5 or 10 hours to put together while other releases can take over 80 hours. To make matters worse, software is not the easiest thing to schedule as a cleverly hidden bug can easily turn an hour long task into a day long head banging session.

With all that taken into account, while I was banging a goomba on the head, a potential solution to my problem and as a result I have worked out a better way of handling my Blazing Games scheduling. Sometimes taking a break is the best way to come up with a solution. I am going to try out the system for a few months to see if it works as good as it looks on paper. If it does, I'll put the details on the blog for those of you who may also have similar scheduling issues. If not, I'll have to work something else out.

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