Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Site changes for 2008

As is often the case, I am always thinking about ways to improve the Blazing Games site. While there are no major overhauls planned, I do have a slight change to the home page that some people might consider a major change. While I am positive that I want to make the change, I am not sure when I should target the change for. As older Blazing Games visitors already know, the site was started on an April Fools day and usually April is the target date for any major changes to the site. This isn't always the case and certainly making the beginning of the year the target time does make sense. If anybody reading this has a preference, you can email me at spelchan at blazinggames period com.

The changes are designed to both make it easier for people to know what is coming in upcoming weeks while also allowing those people who only visit the site every month or so a much easier time of finding out what they missed.

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