Tuesday, October 30, 2007

KVM Switch

My dad just got a warranty replacement TV due to problems that he was having with his old TV. While the TV was great when it was working, there were issues. It is my opinion that the issues were with the repair company and not the TV (other than the first instance). The problem was that every time the TV needed repair, it would go into the repair shop and my parents would end up without a big screen for months while the repair company fixed the problem. My mother only has good sight in one eye and even then needs glasses so this is not a good situation for her. My father finally got angry and phoned the store that sold them the TV and when they looked into the problems decided they would replace the TV. Of course, the old TV had a DVI port for the HD content while the new TV used newfangled HDMI ports. So I of course had to find a converter that would let him use his DVI device on the new TV. This was simple enough, but while I was in the store I found that the store actually had a KVM switch. I have been looking for one for a while so when I spotted them it was an instant purchase. I know I could have ordered them online but just never got around to it. Still now that I have the switch, I am wondering why I didn't make getting one a higher priority.

For those of you who are scratching your heads saying what the heck is a KVM switch, this is a switch box that takes keyboard, video, and mouse inputs and hooks them up to two (or more) computers. This means that instead of having a cramped desk with two monitors, keyboards, and mice on it, I only need one of each and can easily switch between using the two computers. While it may not sound like a big deal, not having to figure out which keyboard you are using and having both computers use your good LCD monitor which runs at a higher resolution then the second monitor to me is very convenient. While the time savings probably are not worth the cost, when you have accidentally trashed something you have been working hours on by mistakingly using the wrong keyboard, the sanity saved may be worth while.

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