Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Considerations for Christmas

My biggest problem is that I have far too many ideas and not enough resources (time or money) to bring those ideas to fruition. I have been trying to only focus on a few projects and not starting any more until those projects are finished. My biorhythms game was an exception to this, but it only took a few hours to put together so I am not really concerned about it. The two logical offshoots to that game, a horoscope and a tarot card reader, are a bit too big of projects to take on. While I am certain that I would be able to create these fairly easily, they would probably take more than a week of development time without giving me multiple weeks worth of releases.

Another ambitious mini-project I am thinking about doing is a Christmas special. This one is dividable into multiple parts and would be using large chunks of the CQfs code that I am developing for a variety of games. I know that people are waiting for me to get back to work on Coffee Quest Revenge so I haven't entirely decided if I will be doing this special. The best part is that all the CQfs code is code that I need anyway so I can simply work on that code and decide closer to Christmas if I can quickly assemble the pieces I do have into a game.

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