Monday, October 22, 2007

Turning 29 yet again

Well, my birthday has come and gone. While this is suppose to be a game development blog, it is also my personal blog so readers will have to put up with some personal junk today (or you can simply skip this entry which is what I am guessing everybody is doing this very moment). I suppose from a strictly technical point of view I was only a day older yesterday, not a year older. I don't really care about birthdays because they are a reminder of how poor I am doing in the game known as life. At my age I should be married and either have kids or be thinking about having them. Instead of trying to find a wife, I spend whatever spare time I can find developing games for Blazing Games Inc. with hopes of getting the company off the ground so that it can start paying me. Right now the company is technically profitable, but if I was to take the salary that I should be getting the company would be in the red. Living off of money earned from various consulting jobs might sound glamourous, but really is isn't. The only really nice thing about consulting work is that between jobs I can focus on my own company and hope that my plans for getting the company profitable enough to pay me will actually pan out so that instead of working for other people I can take a salary and devote all of my time to Blazing Games.

I did get Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door as well as Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga for my birthday since it is obvious that I am now a fan of the Paper Mario series. Don't worry though, I am not going to have long drawn out reviews of those games in this blog though I will probably be mentioning them from time to time. I am going to play through the second paper Mario game first, even though M&L was released earlier. I'm not far enough along in the game to make any comments.

For my birthday supper I had a ten pound pizza and black forest cake. No, I didn't eat the entire pizza by myself, nor despite how much I like pizza could I. If any of my Californian friends ever visit the Okanagan, I'll have to order one for them as then they will see what a real pizza is. Sorry, but thin crusts with thin toppings don't cut it for me. Overall, I would say that my birthday was pretty good.

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