Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday project - Wave Periods

This project, unlike other similar versions of this game, is flexible allowing you to change the math used behind the 3 main parts of this game. It also lets you specify the math to use for a fourth field. Because what we are generating are wave forms, we have to worry about 3 factors. The period, the amplitude, and the initial skew of the wave. We can ignore the amplitude as we just represent that as a %. This means that the user needs to be able to adjust the period and the skew.

As with the date component, this is simple enough to do by creating a movie clip that has two components. Any changes then get caught and the main movie gets a period change event that causes it to update the the graph, which we will be describing tomorrow.

To distinguish the four different controls, on the main screen they are placed over a solid color box. This is where the alpha blending that the default skin uses turns out to be a huge advantage for this program as the controls appear to be tinted in the color of the property being changed. A really nice look with almost no effort required to get it. What else could you ask for.

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