Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ending the year with a Walk-through

I said that I would have a walk-through of my classic and modern Adventure games (Ultimate Retro Project episodes 57 and 58) in December, and while I am pushing it a bit, here it is. I am going to go to try to provide hints before providing the solution so if you are stuck, just read as much as you need to to become unstuck.

Enter the house by going north. This places you in the entrance were there are four possible directions to head. Heading north again leads you to the main puzzle of this game. You see, there is a weapon locker that is locked to the west. You don't have a key to the weapon locker. There is a werewolf in the forest so you obviously need to find a key so that you can get a weapon to use against the beast.

Go south and then east. There is a key, but the parrot won't let you have the key. If only there was some way to get the parrot to drop the key. Perhaps feeding the parrot. This parrot likes worms, but how do you get a worm?

Go west, south, and then west to arrive at the orchard. There is only one apple left on the apple trees and the apple is a wormy apple. But how do you get a worm out of the apple? Go east, north, and then west to arrive in the kitchen. There is a knife here. Use the knife to cut the apple. With the worm in hand go east twice and feed the worm to the bird. With the key you can head west, then north to unlock the weapon locker. Inside the weapon locker is a pistol and a bullet. The bullet, however, is not a silver bullet. As everybody knows, you need a silver bullet to kill a werewolf.

Head east to the bedroom where there is a silver bracelet. After getting the bracelet, head west, south, south and then east to the front yard grabbing the butane torch as you pass by it. Grab the clay in the front yard. Make a silver bullet (the clay and bullet make the mold and the bracelet and blowtorch finish the job). As you are now going after the werewolf, make sure you load your gun as you won't have much time when you find it.

To get to the werewolf from the yard (where you got the clay) head south, east, south, west, south, south, west. Shoot the werewolf to win the game.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Linking to a New Day

I forgot to post the link to the sneak preview of Dozen Days of Words episode 1. I am going to be working on that over the weekend and plan on releasing the episode on January 2nd but the first half of the development is done (though I am not as far along as I should be) but for those who are interested, the link is here:

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! I am quickly writing this after quickly posting the final episode of One of those Weeks. I am doing this Christmas Morning due to the fact that I have plans this afternoon and evening. I suppose I could wait until tomorrow morning to post this game but figured it would be safer to get it posted early. Enjoy. If you enjoyed One of those Weeks and want to see me create another adventure game (or even a sequel to OotW) then be sure to email me and let me know.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Words and a map

The first thing I should mention is that Dozen Days of Words episode 1 has been started. The first block of work was completed. During that time I greatly enhanced the read-me file so that it explains the Dozen Days Pentalogy and the rules I am going by for this second season. I am going to be breaking the game development into 4 3-6 hour sessions. Due to the fact that I want the game released on the first friday of January, the other three blocks will be completed soon. My plan is to do the second block on the 26th, the third on the 27th and the final block on the 28th though it is possible that those plans will change. A sneak preview post will be made when I update the site later this week.

I found and scanned in the map for Ultimate Retro Project's Modern Adventure game. A small version is below. I will post a better version on Blazing Games when I update it this week.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dix Mille posted

I am running late today. You see, the original development journal for Dix Mille was not backed up properly. While I had multiple copies of the source code backed up, I only had the one copy of the design journal on my development machine. Somehow, I had ended up deleting that file so I ended up really quickly writing a new version of the development journal. It is not as good as the original, but in the future I will make sure I backup my document files as wel as my source files. Had the journal been saved in the same directory as my work, there would have been multiple copies of it and I would have at the most only lost a tiny portion of it. Of course, all the early builds of the game are viewable in the journal so those who are interested can look at how the game actually developed, but the new version of the journal is about a quarter the size of the original and doesn't cover the snow issue, which was mentioned several times in the original.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dix Mille shovels of snow

Yesterday I finished the final installment of Dozen Days of Dice by creating a version of Dix Mille. At the same time I had over 30cm (a foot for my American readers) of snow falling, which is significantly more snow than we usually get. Today I was going to start on the first episode of Dozen Days of Words but I am just too exhausted today so am going to take it easy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Plans Released

My plans for 2009 have been posted to Blazing Games. I have misplaced my map for Modern Adventure, but will post that as soon as I find it and scan it in. Really short post this time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Change in Plans

Yesterday I was going to work on episode 12 of Dozen Days of Dice but a broken water main put my plans on hold. Today I was going to put together Friday's game but found out that I had already done a Christmas version of Dungeon Romp last year when I was unable to finish my planned Christmas game. It is really sad when you can't even remember what you released a year ago, though in my case it is probably because I have far too many things on the go than age. For that reason I am forced to change my plans for Friday and instead of a game I am going to have my plans for 2009. I was originally going to have a 2009 plans game that I would release on January 3rd, but there simply is not enough time to finish a game by Friday, at least not with the other things that I have on my plate at this time. So instead of having a sneak preview of my 2009 plans here, they will be revealed on Friday.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Scheduled

Making of One of those Weeks chapter 28 has been released as has the open source version of One of those Weeks episode 28. In addition the schedule for the month has been posted. Lets quickly go over the schedule and on Sunday I will start taking a look at my 2009 plans.

Christmas Romp is not the Christmas game that I was planning last year and had to delay. I am going to have to delay that again as I just have too many other things on my plate. In it's place, and using scaled down versions of some of the artwork for that future game, is going to be Christmas Romp which is a new version of Dungeon Romp but with Christmas themed weapons and monsters.

The final Dozen Days of Dice game has not been created yet. I hope to do that this weekend but with other things still potentially stopping this, it may not be created until next weekend or even delayed and done live on the site. I do have a good idea of which dice game I want to do for this game, though may change my mind when I finally sit down to create this episode.

Finally, the month ends with the final episode of One of those Weeks. The game has been worked out but the game is not completely finished yet. In particular the ending sequence has not been finished. It is a bit more extensive than in other episodes so I do hope that I have the time to do it properly and not have to skimp on it. And yes, "The Carmachoc Secret" is the real title for the episode.