Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Change in Plans

Yesterday I was going to work on episode 12 of Dozen Days of Dice but a broken water main put my plans on hold. Today I was going to put together Friday's game but found out that I had already done a Christmas version of Dungeon Romp last year when I was unable to finish my planned Christmas game. It is really sad when you can't even remember what you released a year ago, though in my case it is probably because I have far too many things on the go than age. For that reason I am forced to change my plans for Friday and instead of a game I am going to have my plans for 2009. I was originally going to have a 2009 plans game that I would release on January 3rd, but there simply is not enough time to finish a game by Friday, at least not with the other things that I have on my plate at this time. So instead of having a sneak preview of my 2009 plans here, they will be revealed on Friday.

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