Sunday, December 21, 2008

Words and a map

The first thing I should mention is that Dozen Days of Words episode 1 has been started. The first block of work was completed. During that time I greatly enhanced the read-me file so that it explains the Dozen Days Pentalogy and the rules I am going by for this second season. I am going to be breaking the game development into 4 3-6 hour sessions. Due to the fact that I want the game released on the first friday of January, the other three blocks will be completed soon. My plan is to do the second block on the 26th, the third on the 27th and the final block on the 28th though it is possible that those plans will change. A sneak preview post will be made when I update the site later this week.

I found and scanned in the map for Ultimate Retro Project's Modern Adventure game. A small version is below. I will post a better version on Blazing Games when I update it this week.

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