Saturday, December 30, 2017

Return of the Games

It has been a while since I last wrote a post in this blog which makes sense as Blazing Games has closed. The site still remains up though it has not been updated other than adding a poll to determine which games are worth salvaging. The idea here is that the poll will be periodically checked to see which games visitors are most interested in so that I have a better idea of what order to port games in. While the larger games I created are positioned near the top as I expected, there are a few games that I am questioning why they are doing so well. Fleet I can sort of understand as Java applets are dead, but why is Towels for Earth so high up?

While Blazing Games is closing in 2019, I will slowly be porting the games and posting them on While I was using my account to cover the games as they were released, I really don’t like interrupting my emulator project especially as there is so much material that needs to be covered there. I have decided that for 2018 I would keep homebrewgamejam focused on the homebrew emulator and the construction of 2600 dragons (also surprisingly high on the list) while my game releases will be covered on this blog.  

I was in the process of rewriting my Flash Game Development book changing it to HTML5 development with the plan to break the book into two books. The first book would be about creating HTML5 games using Animate CC (which is the “successor” to Flash) while the second book would bypass the expensive Adobe software and create the games using the open source Create.js library that Animate CC itself uses. I was trying to see if I could publish these but some deals I was working on fell through. Since the point of the blog is to detail the making of the games, and the books are a glorified form of this, I am thinking that the first book will slowly be released on this site. Each week I will release a section of a chapter. When a chapter is finished, I will cover the making of and postmortem articles for the games that have been released to while I was posting the chapter sections.

Next week will be a review post that will cover the game I will be releasing for January which due to the nature of the game that will be posted New Year’s Day will cover some of my plans for 2018.