Friday, October 5, 2007

One of those Weeks episode 18:Completing the Quest

The Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend is this weekend. This means that I am probably not going to be making another post until Tuesday. That also means that I have to worry about having enough time to finish the game that I plan on releasing next friday. I am hoping to have episode 32 of One of those Weeks ready, but if I can't finish it in time, I need an alternative to release. While I suppose I could use Threes as my alternative, I want to keep the current flow of having One of those Weeks content every other week continuing so I am going to make sure that chapter 18 of my making of One of those Weeks eBook is ready to be released.

Episode 18 is a rather interesting episode due to the fact that the predominant scoring factor of the game is a feature that I just didn't have time to implement in earlier episodes due to my usual time constraints. It is also the first time that the entire outdoors areas that the island comprises of are available to the player. Actually, three "rooms" are not present as they do not add anything so instead of including the walnut areas of the game, the player is instead thrown into the forest.

While solving this episode is fairly straight forward, getting a perfect score may elude a few people, so I will walk through this episode with the goal of getting a perfect score. When you wake up in the cockpit, make sure you pick up the pen and the notebook before leaving. In the orchard grab some oranges because as was revealed in the opening thought balloon, the oranges you picked the previous day are mysteriously missing. Next head into the forest. Make sure you map the entire forest, as part of the score is based on how much of the forest you mapped. When you reach the beach, head to the right and examine the big rock that is there. Head to the left twice to reach Charles's cave. Click inside the cave to notice the similarities between that cave and the one in the forest. Talk to charles to end the episode.

For those of you who prefer some type of scoring table:

  • 5 points for getting pen and notebook
  • 5 points for grabbing oranges
  • up to 5 points for exploring the forest
  • 3 points for finding the launching point for your raft
  • 2 points for making the cave connection.
And that is all there is to this simple episode.

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