Monday, September 24, 2007

Not playing Halo 3

While I am going to be busy the next few month's so will not be updating this blog as often as I would like (I am still going to try to post a couple of times a week) I will say right out that it is not due to Halo 3, as I do not have an XBox 360 nor have I plans to get one in the short term. That being said, Modern Cribbage is under way and is starting to look nice, but it will not be finished this Friday. After looking at the news archive for Blazing Games for the last few months, I have decided a couple of things.

The first thing, which actually was decided a few weeks ago, is that I am going to start combining Open Source releases with other things and will only have one open source release every four weeks unless there are special circumstances.

The second thing is that I will try to make sure that other series are represented between releases of One of those Weeks related items. Obviously, for the next while at least, the open source releases will be for One of those weeks. There will then be a game from a different series. Then there will the new episode of One of those Weeks, followed by another game from a different series.

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