Tuesday, September 4, 2007

One of those Weeks Episode 17 Beach Map

There are not too many people who read this blog, which probably is not that surprising considering that I don't do any type of promotion at all. The thing is that the people who do bother reading this must either be very interested in game development or in Blazing Games. For that reason, I have decided that from now on all of my articles will be released here before they make their way to Blazing Games. Many of them will be written here as well. Because most visitors to Blazing Games don't really like the articles, I am going to start combining the articles with other releases whenever possible. Let's start off the trend by starting writing chapter 17 of Making of One of those Weeks.

As this episode is the first episode of a new day, the episode is a dream sequence. This sequence is really broken into two different segments. The first half of the episode is finding the pieces necessary to assemble the second part of the game. The map is a very logical and simple map. What is tricky is that the pieces are all protected by Mr. Puck's Former Guardian. If anybody reading this doesn't know what I am talking about, you should either play through the previous day's episodes or read through the chapters of the book related to day two.

What may not be apparent is that there is one piece that is not protected by the guardian. Once you have picked up that piece (which moves the piece to the starting room) the guardian for the next piece disappears allowing you to gather another piece. This simply means that the pieces have to be gathered in a particular order. The map above shows you the proper order that you need to follow in order to gather all of the pieces.

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