Sunday, September 2, 2007

Article project thoughts

It is IPE time in Armstrong, not to mention the labour day long weekend. I am still trying to decide what my policy on posting chapters from Making of One of those Weeks on the blog should be. The one problem with the Making of One of those Weeks eBook is the simple fact that the chapters are written well after the work has been done. I have made notes for some of the newer episodes but for another project I am working on I decided to write a diary which was updated as I made changes to the project. I think it worked quite well and am thinking that I will release the diary at the same time as the open source release of that episode is done. Though I am also considering releasing it earlier here. I am not sure if it matters as not too many people read this, or for that matter read the making of articles. I really am considering combining my article project with this blog. If anybody has thoughts on this, feel free to email me or post a comment.

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