Sunday, April 8, 2007

Where did I put that compass?

There is an easter egg hunt going on while I write this. That should be no surprise as today is easter, though I am not entirely sure why they are called "egg" hunts, as modern times have replaced coloured eggs with chocolate and candy that occasionally happen to have an egg shape. The hunt for candy has started me thinking about the direction that Blazing Games, this blog, and myself are heading in so I figured that since this is sort of a new blog I should probably set fourth a proper road map for this creature I am creating. There are a bunch of goals I have for this blog, and it is going to be a different beast from the old version of this blog that was self-hosted on

I am going to put a bigger effort into updating the blog. The goal is to post at least three times a week, though ideally a daily post would be better. The number of posts this suggests immediately should tell readers that instead of just being announcements about open source release and voting results, there is going to be much more to this blog. So, what is going to be put in here?

This is a game development blog, so all the posts will at least loosely deal with game development in general. This is a huge area for finding topics, so that alone I should have no problem finding subjects to write about. I will try to vary my posts, so while some posts will be about programming and algorithms, most entries will not be. One thing I am thinking about doing is writing my eBooks in my blog. In other words, readers of this blog will get sneak previews of articles and chapters that will later appear on the Blazing Games site.

Finally, I am not going to hold my opinion back. Even controversial topics will have my opinions expressed. For instance, I believe that "The Fragile" was a far better album than "The Downward Spiral". Well, that isn't really that controversial but it does make the point I am getting at. If I really wanted to annoy people I could have said "Jar Jar Binks is the best character in Star Wars" but then I would have been lying and that is something that I certainly am not going to do in this blog. If you want to read a blog that is purposely controversial, then take a look at

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