Friday, April 20, 2007


The site poll on the new look of the game pages has actually provided quite a few responses. This could be because people don't like emailing strangers, but in this particular case I think it may have been something else. I don't want to skew the results of the poll so I will not speak of the current results, though will do so this Friday.

The more interesting response I got today was an email from Adobe. I am apparently an important customer, but they could find no tracking information for my order. What does this mean? I can think of three interpretations. The first is that they are trying to tell me that they simply have not shipped the order yet. Second, they are saying that my order should have been shipped, but they can't find the shipping information and have no clue as to why it is still marked as pending. Third, they are saying that they are support people in a different country and can only tell me things that have been entered into their system so I am S#$@ out of luck.

As it clearly isn't going to arrive this weekend, so I am going to be focusing on finishing the rest of Day four of One of those Weeks using Flash 8.

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