Thursday, April 19, 2007

Adobe Hates Me

As visitors to have already found out, I am not quite ready to post Modern Melee Combat. What I did not tell the visitors to the site, even if I finish it in time to release it next week, it will not be next week's game. My current plans for next week is to post the next episode of One of those Weeks if I get it finished in time. What I was hoping to have happen is that I would get CS3 by the end of this week and then be able to have the next episode be the first episode that uses ActionScript3. Considering that the last time I checked, Adobe hasn't even mailed my copy of CS3 (which I pre-ordered on the day it was announced). The suite I ordered has been out for 4 days now, so I really don't understand why this would be the case but once I finish all the games I have planned for Flash, which will probably take a couple of years, I will seriously consider switching to a company that actually cares about it's customers. Perhaps if I am really lucky, there will be open standards that are actually implemented in a majority of the browsers by then. In the past, VRML looked like a potential contender, but it never really took off. A real contender needs to be something that will work in the majority of browsers.

So what is going to happen with One of those Weeks? I have decided that if I don't have a copy of Flash CS3 by the end of Friday (after all, it is possible that my copy of CS3 was shipped but the order status was not updated) then I will create the final three episodes of Day 4 in Flash 8. I will not do any other non-paying Flash work until I get Flash CS3. Day 4 will also be the last day of One of those Weeks that I will work on outside of the 20 hours a week allocated to the Blazing Games site. Day 5 through 7 will be voted on, meaning that the series may be released more frequently than once a month but could be less frequent if voters decide they prefer something else.

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