Monday, April 16, 2007


I am now waiting for notice that my pre-ordered copy of Adobe's Creative Suite 3 Web Premium to ship now that it has been released. I am hoping that it arrives before the weekend so I can get the next episode of One of those Weeks finished. I am going to strictly work on ActionScript 3 from now on, though may make an exception for OotW if I don't have CS3 by the end of the week.

CS3 is a very expensive program which is why I an glad that I am eligible for the upgrade. The best part of the new suite, at least from my perspective, is going to be Flash CS3. This will allow the development of Flash Player 9 content without all the hassle of using the free Flex SDK. People using the FlexBuilder have a much easier time of building Flash 9 programs, but with my small budget, I held off on getting it, and may decide to forgo getting it if Flash CS3 meets my programming needs adequately.

My thoughts is to use .fla files only as a container for artwork and animations, while having all the code in external text files. Ideally, I would want it compilable with the free Flex 2 SDK so the open source release can be modified without needing expensive tools, but we will see how feasible this is once I have CS3.

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