Thursday, April 26, 2007

Game page look results

Regular visitors to the Blazing Games site will know that I had a poll about the new look of game pages. A couple of weeks ago I posted an updated version of the 13 Spikes game that had a tabbed format breaking different parts of the old game page into separate pages. There is an overview page, an instructions page, a game page, a downloads page, and an articles page. I was thinking about slowly transitioning all the game pages to the new format. Still, being the way I am, I figured that I would ask the site visitors for their opinions. I got very little feedback, so figuring that people don't like emailing me they might respond better to a very convenient poll. I was right.

There were a lot of votes, with most of the votes being the neutral "either" choice. In fact, only three votes were for something other than either. Two of those votes were for the new format. Certainly, the voting results explain why no one emailed me. I suppose this means the change isn't as drastic as I thought it was.

In the future, all the game posts will be using the new format. It will take quite a while for this transition to be completed, though I don't think the transition will be that noticeable as all the more popular projects will transition fairly quickly. I should have started the transition tonight with One of those Weeks tonight, but was already really late posting the site so didn't have the necessary time.

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