Sunday, April 15, 2007

20 hours

As many of Blazing Games visitors (who are also probably the only people who are reading this blog) already know, I am essentially working on Blazing Games in my spare time. The amount of time I am going to put aside for Blazing Games is roughly 20 hours a week. Half of that time will be dedicated to the game that won the last vote. The remaining time will be making sure that I have some content to post for my weekly update, and actual work on the site. When I finally work out details of my upcoming sponsorship system, more hours will be put into the site, but that will actually be work that is indirectly paid for.

My work day is whatever consulting contract(s) that I happen to have at the time. While I would prefer contracts through Blazing Games, a lot of the more recent work that I have is not through Blazing Games. My official rate is CAD$25 per hour, which is probably under-priced. This is negotiable and based on the specifics of what I am going to be working on. If I am going to be required to travel or put in more than 40 hours a week, the rate goes up. If I am working on games or open source software the rate goes down. Somebody who wanted to get me to work on an open source game could probably hire me for as little as CAD$8.00 an hour and I would probably "forget" to bill them for some of my work.

That being said, I am sure that anybody who is still reading this is probably wondering what I do when I don't have any contracts. I have my own personal project that I am working on which I am considering releasing as shareware if it is ever finished. Of course, in reality, when it is done I will probably decide it has no market value and simply start releasing it on Blazing Games as a series of episodes. This is assuming that the side project ever gets off the ground. What seems to happen is that I just start on a project then something else comes along (contract work, family disaster, rising oceans flooding me, war, alien invasion) so the project gets "temporarily" put on hold and permanently vanishes.

In other words, if you somehow consider Blazing Games to be a competitor and don't want to see a real product emerge, hire me. Not only will you be getting a great programmer, but will be preventing me from being that big of a competitor.

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