Monday, April 2, 2007

Transitioning my blog

While has had a feed for a while, I decided to play around with a personal blog so set up a blog on my free godaddy page at This was more for experimentation and my own journal than anything. I was unaware of the problem with subscribing to my old blog, as I foolishly did not try to subscribe to it. I got an email today from someone who does read my blog but was not able to subscribe to it. After looking into the issue, it appears that GoDaddy's pre-pended advertising is messing up the rss feed so I have decided to move my blog to somewhere where people would be able to subscribe to it. I want the blog to be separate from Blazing Games (I control the advertising on that site so setting up blogging software there would be doable and would in theory solve the problem) as this is my personal opinion, and does not reflect the opinions of Blazing Games Inc., I want the blog outside of Blazing Games. Google has been good to me, so I figured I would look at their free offering. So I am now transitioning my blog to blogger.

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