Monday, April 9, 2007

Trial Balloon Slasher movie

While I am still adding directory information to all of the game pages on the Blazing Games site, the big thing I was doing today is preparing for Friday's release. If you look at your calendar, you will know that it is Friday the 13th this Friday. As such, I am planning something special for that day. While the release will be a walk through of a certain action game, and as such probably not overly interesting to a large chunk of my regular visitors, what will be interesting will be what I am going to be doing to the game pages.

In politics, there is something known as trial balloons. These are when a politician (or PR firm) hints at something in order to see what the public reaction will be. This Friday's release will be similar. If the reaction to what I do is positive, then I will slowly (over the course of a few years) update all the game pages to support the new presentation format. If everybody hates it, the game pages will stick with the existing format until I can come up with something else.

While spreading the change over a long span of time might seem to go against web design principles, the site has grown rather huge so making the change all at once is no longer practical. The way things will work, it shouldn't have a huge impact on perception, and as all new and updated games all will use the new look, most visitors won't even notice that some pages use a outdated format.

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