Friday, February 1, 2008

February in Focus

Those of you who read my 2008 plans on Blazing Games know that I want to be more focused on my game development. I also had an informal email poll about what I should do when I don't have enough material to fill a month. I know I would have got a lot more responses if I made it a form that readers could simply submit, but I figured I only wanted to hear from the people who actually care enough about Blazing Games to write an email. In hindsight, anybody who is willing to read that article really must like the site so I should have used a form. Four people emailed me with last month with the results being:

25% for extra open source releases
100% for more game in a day challenges
75% for strategy guides
25% for FLOSS third party game reviews
25% for Technical articles

Game in a Day Challenges don't impact my project plans but do take away a Saturday so I was glad to see a lot of interest in strategy guides. Strategy guides are nice because they can be written in 10 minute chucks so whenever I have one of those small chunks of time between other tasks I can work on that. As I said a couple of days ago, though, I am going to be focusing on one project(10-50 hours a week depending on my real work workload) with a second personal project being done on my day of rest (Sunday) if I am in the mood for coding. This personal project is going to be the Ultimate Retro Project. The primary project was a toss-up between One of those Weeks and Coffee Quest with OotW getting the final nod but I hope to be finished that project by April at which point the CQ series will gain my full attention.

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