Thursday, February 21, 2008

Game in a Day on the 23rd?

My second, and possibly last, live game in a day is this weekend. While I will continue to do game in a days, I am not sure I will do them live. Unless, of course, there is a demand to do so. The reason for this is simple. A couple weeks ago would have been the perfect Saturday to create a game for the dozen day's series because the weather was so awful, but because it wasn't a scheduled day I never bothered. In hind site, this was a mistake. If people actually cared about the live days, that would be different, but most people just want to play the game and those that do have some interest in how the game was developed just care about the diary being written. For that reason I am thinking that in the future I will do the challenges when I am in the mood for one and release the results when there is an available slot in my release schedule.

I already have a good idea about what game I am developing on the weekend. As I am not feeling that well, and fear I will still be under the weather on Saturday it is a game that should probably be finished in under 8 hours. That being said, I have been wrong before about how long a project will take so don't read too much into that time estimate. If I am really under the weather, I have an unreleased Dozen Days of Dice game that I finished but didn't really think it was good enough to release. This was going to be my thirteenth dice game but will be my filler game if I am not up to the game development task.

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