Monday, February 25, 2008

AIR has finally been released.

While this may not be an important thing to most people, Adobe's AIR has been released. I found out about it from as I was following the development. AIR lets you create flash/flex/ajax/html applications that will run on the desktop without the need to run in a browser or be connected to the internet. The best part is that the software development kit is being released for free so anybody can create air applications without a large cost. Obviously, tools such as FlexBuilder, DreamWeaver, and Flash will greatly aid in the development of AIR applications. I am currently developing One of those Weeks in flash for the web, but it would not be inconceivable for me to later create a downloadable AIR version of the entire game. Flex 3 also was released today. It too has a free SDK and it allows you to create flex/flash applets.

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