Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spoiling One of those Weeks?

One of those Weeks development is interesting as I don't have to worry about releasing a new episode until April. As a result I am actually able to develop episodes in a non-linear order. This may not sound like that big of a deal, but as some episodes share aspects with other episodes so I am able to more efficiently work on similar episodes. More specifically, I can take an element such as a navigation system for a certain vehicle, and work on the portion of the episodes that need that. My thoughts are that if I am focused on a certain feature then my overall development efficiency will be higher so I will be able to finish the work faster.

The big problem I have is the lack of being able to give detailed explanations of what exactly I am doing on this project due to the story nature of this game. I mean if I say something like "The sequence when Chuck the Squirrel turns into a giant space hamster and attacks the Gorbon fleet has been implemented" then part of the story will be ruined for people. At least the few people who read this. While I will not confirm that the above example is in the game, I will say that animating giant space hamsters is an entertaining activity.

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