Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Minor Classic Cypher Addition

started my Sunday afternoon making a minor change to Classic Cypher.Classic Cypher 1.0.2 now adds the ability for the user to select the particular puzzle that they wish to play. While this may not seem likethat huge of a deal, it allows players to go through all the puzzles allowing for completionist players to fully finish the game. I am thinking that I will only have 12 puzzles in each set and the puzzles for the classic version will be different from the puzzles in the modern version. This has the additional benifit that when I don't have enough material for a month, I can release additional puzzle sets. I am in fact thinking of doing a similar thing with my picture puzzle series, except I am thinking of porting those games over to Canvas supporting HTML/ECMAScript as that would be a great way of learning how to use the canvas. In fact, there is apparently an open source script for IE that allows use of Canvas in IE without any plug-ins.

I am also in the process of overhauling the interface in the modern version of the game. I was originally going to have a graphical tile set for the letters but after playing with the existing Marble letter set that Mary Caton created for me (see Modern Word Scramble), it was just too big. Instead, I am going to be using a big font and text sprites. I might later re-size all the tiles and go back to that route, but that would be a change that I would make after a releasable version of the game was ready.

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