Thursday, November 8, 2007

One of those Chapters

As people following the Blazing Games site may have noticed, the open source release of One of those Weeks episode 19 was released along with chapter 19 of the Making of One of those Weeks eBook. I would have released early drafts of the sections here, but I never started writing the chapter until a couple days ago so never bothered. This has me again thinking about whether I should be posting the early drafts here or not. Of course the reason I was so late writing the chapter was because I knew I could do it quickly so was working on other projects that needed time spent on them. It is quite possible that this will be the last article that I release on Blazing Games this year. I do plan on fulfilling my one episode a month commitment to One of those Weeks, though next year I might only release a single day's worth of episodes. Again, non of my plans are finalized so if you are a big OotW fan you might want to complain early before my plans for 2008 are finalized. Granted, looking at how well my 2007 plans went, I'm not sure there is that huge of an issue anyways.

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