Monday, November 12, 2007

Android SDK Released

Android has been released. My initial reaction was that the API was a modified version of Java ME and that the amount of work to write code that could work both in an android phone and as an applet was probably more than it was worth. Then I noticed that Google was giving away $10,000,000 to encourage Android development. The first contest runs from January 2 and submissions end March 3rd, with 50 winners getting $25,000 and a chance to get $275,000. While I am unlikely to win, even if I don't I'll have a bunch of code that can be pushed towards a commercial project and can be used on the Blazing Games site. Granted, applet versions will be a bit more work than I would like, but the potential payoff does change the factors a bit. I will be sleeping on this decision but will update you tomorrow.

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