Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Can a SDK change anything?

The Android SDK that is suppose to be released on the 12th could affect my plans far more than people would think. In particular, the rumors that Android will be using the standard edition of Java for it's programming environment would probably start my development pendulum swinging away from Flash and back towards Java. The sad thing about this is that even if the phone is an open platform, most of the phones would probably end up being locked down meaning that phone users would still be limited with what they could run on their phones. That is the problem with monopolies. They make the rules and if you don't like those rules you are stuck with them anyway because you don't have any real alternatives. Heck, even with computers I tend to cater to Windows machines due to their dominance. Yes, I test on macs and linux machines but the majority of my visitors are slaves to the OS monopoly. Will an open platform for cells change the cell phone landscape? While I would like to think so, I am not so sure.

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