Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Android Decision

The big problem that I had with Java ME, which also happens to be the same problem with Android, is that the API used for the user interface is different. If it was just a subset of the standard edition, then things would be fine because you would only have to write code for the lesser API. Sadly, the drawing commands and user interface are kind of important for games, with a lot of code going into this. Still, I would probably be able to share between 70-80% of the code between an applet version and an android version and would possibly even be able to do a third application version that would take advantage of 3D hardware. In fact, one of the features Android has is OpenGL ES support. Despite it's many flaws, I've always liked the Java language so moving my development to Android and porting to Java SE might not be that bad of a move. While I am not likely to win money, entering their contest might not be a bad move exposure wise. If I am lucky enough to have my game win one of the 50 slots, then it was a really good move otherwise I still have the option of finishing off my entry and attempting to sell it commercially. I would also break the game into a bunch of chunks and release it episodically on the Blazing Games site for those who don't want to (or can't afford to) pay for the game.

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