Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Final thoughts on Modern Maze

I have pretty much covered everything that you need to know about Modern Maze. There is a lot of room for improvement, but with today's hardware I am not sure it is worth any of the optimization. I should point out that the raycaster will be used with the upcoming Modern Dungeon Romp 3D that will be appearing next year (though it will probably be posted to the repository well before it is released on the blazing games site for those of you who can't wait and don't mind compiling programs yourself). The raycaster is going to be indirectly used with my Android plans. As the Android API has support for Open GL ES, I will be taking advantage of that for the rendering of the Android version of the game. The applet version, however, will need a different solution. While I could use JOGL to do this, too many visitors had problems with my test game (Coffee Quest GL). For that reason, I will have to use some form of software rendering for the applet version of the game.

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