Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Billy's 8-Bit Virtual Game Console

All of this talk about virtualization and virtual machines has me wanting to create my own. While I am certain that I know more than enough about how computers work to do it, there are quite a few VMs in existence already so writing yet another one really wouldn't serve much of a purpose from a practical point of view. From an educational and self exploration point of view, however, this would be a great project to undertake. In fact, if I took it an extra step and tried to create a virtual game console it would fit in with this blog. So, when I am not discussing site related development or giving you my opinion about the latest game/development related news I will be taking anybody who bothers to read this along with me on my few minutes a day virtual game system side project. I don't want to byte off more than I can code so this will be a simple 8-bit machine. Every project needs a name, so I will give this project the generic name of "Billy's 8-Bit Virtual Game Console" or B8VGC for short.

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