Thursday, August 23, 2007

Three goals of the poll

The poll on the Blazing Games site is now over. I was quite surprised at how varied the results were. Going by the few emails that I do get, I had expected the results to be fairly consistent along the lines of 1 Coffee Quest, 2 One of those Weeks, 3 Dozen Days, 4 Ultimate Retro Project and 5 Articles. This was not the case. I haven't decided if I will tell you the outcome, but I will now tell you the reason for this poll. In fact, there were three goals for this poll.

First thing that I wanted to do was see how many people would actually bother filling out the form. I wanted the poll emphasized, so I even went as far as postponing the planned release for that day. Sadly, I did not get as many votes as I had hoped. This should probably not come as much of a surprise as the vast majority of the people who visit my site never actually go to the home page. In fact, I suspect that I could stop updating the site and most visitors wouldn't even know. I am not going to do that, at least not intentionally.

Second thing I wanted to see is if my gauge of what my visitors wanted was accurate. By seeing how they ranked projects relative to how I rank them is always useful. The large variety of rankings tells me that my visitors are a lot more varied than I thought. Not sure if this is a good thing or not.

The third goal, which happens to be very similar to the second goal, was the obvious get the projects listed into a rank of highest priority to lowest priority as I am going to finish off these projects, if I can make sure that the most popular projects are getting the most attention then my visitors should be happy. As I have already repeatedly mentioned, this did not work out as I had expected. Interest in all projects tend to be a lot closer than I had honestly expected.

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