Monday, August 13, 2007

A new Darkness

As anybody following this blog knows, I was for the longest time complaining about the lack of RPGs on the Wii Virtual console, with the Release of Paper Mario being a pleasant surprise. The week after Paper Mario, Shining Force was released but until last week I was not able to play this game due to the fact that I was working my way through Paper Mario. Last week I finally finished Paper Mario, so I picked up Shining Force, hoping that someday they would release the very first game in that series Shining in the Darkness. Today, they released Shining in the Darkness but as I am a week into Shining Force, I am going to have to wait a while. I don't know much about Shining in the Darkness, but from what I heard it is a more traditional dungeon romp style role-playing game as opposed to Shining Force which is heavily dependent on tactical combat but I won't know for a few weeks yet. Still it is nice to know that decent RPGs are finally making their way to the virtual console. I personally hope that the Dragon Quest (also known as Dragon Warrior) series makes it's way to the virtual console as I played through the first one when I was house sitting for my aunt years ago and loved it.

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