Sunday, August 26, 2007


I have been thinking about what my short term development goals for Blazing Games should be. The fact that the results of the poll were so close actually makes my decision a bit easier because no matter what decision I make it won't be the wrong decision. This is kind of a nice feeling. So, my thoughts are as follows.

First goal has got to be making sure that there is material for my site, even if a big third party project comes along and takes most of my time for many months. To be honest, the best project for insuring I have content is my dozen days project, especially if I do it in the way I originally envisioned.

Second goal is to keep the One of those Weeks and Coffee Quest fans happy. This can easily be done with one of those weeks by keeping my current monthly episode release, though I have an even better idea running through my head which just might come to pass in October. I am not going to discuss this idea because if I do and it doesn't happen then people get mad at me so the best thing is to not say anything until my plans are finalized and everything is ready to go. If I try to keep putting in an average of 10 hours a week towards Coffee Quest Revenge (and I am falling behind in hours, but I will eventually catch up) then once it is done the Coffee Quest fans will have a lot of material that will be occupying their time while I finish off before 4, 5 and 6.

The third goal is to finish off the outstanding projects that I have started. Working on the first two goals will go a long way towards achieving this goal so once I get to the point where I can focus on this goal, the goal will be a long way to being completed.

Once all the above goals have been met, then it is simply a matter of seeing how long I have until more content for the site is needed. I am hoping that by the time I have finished all the above goals that my buffer of releases ready to go will be fairly large. If there is a large enough period between the date that the third goal was achieved and the next date that I run out of content, then I can start work on a really elaborate project. Once caught up, I am going to try and stick to working on one project at a time, though if my buffer of releases is large enough visitors will still get a nice variety.

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