Friday, August 3, 2007

Revenge 3D plans

Last week's vote on Blazing Games was about posting my PaperVision 3D tests to the coming soon area of Blazing Games. The coming soon area is a page where I post the current build of the site selected project. Currently this page has a pre-alpha build of Coffee Quest Revenge on it, but with 100% of the few people who voted wanting to see my Paper vision tests you can expect to see spinning cubes soon.

Some regular visitors to Blazing Games may remember what I did with Coffee Quest GL. This was my attempt at using JOGL and required that I spent time re-learning Open GL. In fact, had there not been a lot of people who for some reason or another had problems running Coffee Quest GL, I would have stuck with Java for my Coffee Quest development instead of switching to Flash.

What I am going to do is follow the same basic steps used for Coffee Quest GL. I am going to start with a spinning cube. Figure out how to texture the cube. Turn the single cube into the basic structure of the level. Add doors to the mix at which point the 3D code can be incorporated into Coffee Quest Revenge and game development for that game can continue.

The current Blazing Games poll is about the movement speed already in the game. With the poll being out less than 24 hours, I have already received an email pointing out that 2D movement doesn't reflect what 3D movement is like. I suppose that is a valid criticism, but once the game is further along I can always revisit the issue.

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