Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ranking Woes

As anybody reading this is probably already a regular visitor you have probably already seen my ranking poll that I have out this week. If you are not familiar with, how the heck did you find this page and why haven't you checked out the link on the side especially considering the name of this blog? The outcome of this ranking poll is important to me as it will dictate the priorities I give the 5 outstanding projects that I am working on. Some of you may be about to point out that the five projects on the list don't cover all the outstanding projects that I talked about. This is partially true, I have postponed a couple of projects until the five outstanding projects have been completed. Though, what a lot of people didn't know until now is that the Dozen Days project is going to contain at least a couple of the projects that I have talked about doing.

While I should probably be saving this discussion until after Thursday, I am pointing all this out now to point out something that I have discovered. It seems that some of the people voting either have very interesting project interests or are not reading the instructions or noticing the worst and best text above the poll choices. Granted, this best and worst text was added to the header Friday evening when I first suspected that at least one person had accidentally put their choices in the wrong order. The thing is that many of these strange votes happened yesterday so the qualifying text on the table had already been added.

At the same time, I have to entertain the possibility that these votes are actually valid. It could just be my personal opinions that are getting in the way. Still, one particular vote really confused me which is why I am sure that some people are ranking the projects in the wrong order. I could be wrong so the only fair policy is to count all the votes and hope that the number of people casting votes in the proper order (1 is the best, as in number 1 or the winner or first place). That said, if you haven't voted yet, please pay attention and make sure your choices are in the proper order.

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