Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why does Sony hate honest people?

Well, one week of the year has passed, and if the past seven days are any indication, then this is not going to be that good of a year. While nothing bad has happened to me so far, my parents are not having that great of a time. I am going to wait until the events that are bothering them have been resolved before going into the details, though will say that far too often the people who try to be fair and upstanding citizens are the ones that get cheated and abused. This of course leads to DRM, which does nothing to stop pirates but is a huge burden to the people who want to be legitimate. While I had thought that Sony's announcement to have DRM free music was a step towards finally getting rid of punishing only honest people DRM, it appears that I was wrong. Sony is limiting the DRM-free downloads to only a small subset (37) of their CDs and requires that people use the Sony music store. Here I was hoping that soon the only DRM music would be subscription services, but I was wrong. It's bad enough that Amazon MP3 is not available in Canada yet, but at least I know if it continues to be the success it appears to be that it will eventually become available to me.

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