Thursday, January 17, 2008

Game in a Day on January 19th, 2008

It sure seems strange writing this. Thursday evenings are the time I post the latest installment to the Blazing Games site. However, today I am not posting anything, because the next release on Blazing Games is going to happen on Saturday! While I have done a number of Game in a Day challenges (episodes 2-4 of Dozen Days of Dice), the game I release on Saturday will actually be developed on Saturday. By Saturday, I am referring to Pacific Standard Time, most of the world wont see the final post (assuming I manage to finish the game on time) until Sunday. The first post will probably be made around 9AM PST, and will be an announcement of what game I am going to develop that day. I have a good idea of which game I will be attempting to write, but as I am a fickle person will not officially say so until development has started. I am going to break posting into 7 segments. Overview, Planning, Pre-alpha, Alpha, Beta, Release Candidate, and Final. I might rough out the pages on Friday night. Some people might consider that cheating, but the challenge is about creating the game, not posting pages so having blank pages ready to be filled shouldn't have that big of an impact. I'll decide for sure tomorrow.

The This Week at Blazing Games feed will announce the final release of the game. This blog will be used to let people who are interested in seeing the game as it develops know when a page has been filled. Each entry will be a very short summary of the page that was posted. As this is going to be live, no specific times for anything can exist, just when it is posted. Failure is possible, but in that case work on the game would continue on Sunday.

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