Friday, January 11, 2008

Blu-ray the winner? PS3 Fanboys finally get to rejoice about something!

The Blu-ray vs HD DVD format war may be in it's final stages, with Blu-ray being the winner. While my parents have a HD television, I do not which is the primary reason I went with the Wii as my console choice. PS3 fanboys, on the other hand, are all for Blu-ray as it is the format the PS3 uses. Microsoft has previously announced that if Blu-ray managed to win the format war that they would make an ad-on available for the 360 so the XBox fanboys don't really care (they bought their consoles to play games on anyway). Until I do get an HD television (as is the case with 80% of the population) I don't really care. So the only people really happy about this are PS3 fanboys as they can justify their overpriced video players and continue to claim that one day you will actually be able to play games on them. Once the price of Blu-ray players come down to reasonable levels, then it might matter to the general public, but up-converted DVDs do look really good already so their is no real pressure to go to a HD format.

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