Thursday, January 10, 2008

One of those Weeks Episode 34 posted

Even though Episode 34 of One of those Weeks was delayed a couple of weeks, I never got around to adding a score to the episode. Even though the episode doesn't look that different from other episodes with conversations, a lot of work has been happening on the underlying conversation system. This work will continue throughout day 6 episodes, and the result will be a system that will allow much more elaborate conversations without all of the coding work. While the system is Action Script 3 code, it should be trivial to port the system to other languages. This means that if I ever switch to another language, the conversation system will be ported to that language. Considering how much M$ is pushing Silverlight, it is certainly possible that I will be developing Moonlight applets in the future. Moonlight, for those who don't follow open source, is the Mono-project's open source version of silverlight, with the mono project being the open source version of M$'s .net.

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