Sunday, May 9, 2010

A breif update

It's Mothers Day today so I am doing my daily update of Blazing Games and writing this right now because I am going to have to start cooking supper for my mother in about an hour. My copy of Adobe CS5 Web Premium came in so I have switched machines and am now updating the site using Dreamweaver CS5 on my main machine instead of having to do the posting on a different machine. While I suppose I could have moved CS3 to my main machine, I was actually considering just getting Flash CS5 and get it on the mac. Adobe still has their stupid OS specific thing so my upgrade is still the Windows version even though my main machine is a Mac. Of course, my Mac is running Windows 7 (and Ubuntu Linux) as well, so going with the upgrade was the wiser choice as the savings from just getting a Mac version of Flash CS5 was very little and CS5 now include Flash Builder which means that code editing should be nicer. Time is slipping away quicker than I thought so I will keep this post short but will give my opinions on CS5 later.

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