Sunday, April 25, 2010

A sneak peak at May 2010

Next month is going to be interesting as Blazing Games will be updated daily for 27 days. Sometimes a project turns out to be far larger than it seems. Other times, as is the case with the project that will be revealed next month, feature-creep causes a simple project to balloon in scope. There is an easy way of accomplishing this project, and then there is the more thorough way which is the road I foolishly decided to take. In the past, I would have taken the easy road with the idea of having regular content appearing on but my more relaxed release schedule and willingness to release projects iteratively, I have no hesitation in building this project to the more ambitious specifications. The scary thing, is even when I have reached all the development targets for the 1.0 release, there is a lot of room for expansion so this new project may be revisited many times in the future.

The version of the project that will be released next month is the 0.1 version, as it is not close to the final goal of the project. This is really about a quarter to half the way towards the project completion, but the remaining portions of the project will be posted in three other months. While the second month of releases will be June or July, the other two parts that lead to the 1.0 release may be delayed by a number of months. This is being done so other stuff (hopefully stuff that people not interested in next months project will like) can be released.

From a programming perspective, next month's release is very simple. From an asset creation point of view, this is a monster project. This is actually a rather nice change for me as I am spending a fair bit of time doing creative writing. Still, I want to be coding and am hoping that a third-party project that seems to be in a perpetual delay loop will see the light of day. If the delay continues, I will probably re-start my equivalent to Duke Nukem Forever. The difference here is that my DNF project hasn't been continually in development but simply continually goes through fits and starts then gets shelved when paying work or other crisis happen.

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