Thursday, September 4, 2008

September is here

While the family situation is still going on, I am back and have posted the schedule for September, a new poll, and the Billy Spelchan Senior word set for Circle Word. While I would love to be talking about what the family situation is, I have been asked not to and will respect my families wishes. That said, the month does not look too bad (at least as far as I am concerned) though I still haven't had a chance to create the game in a day game for September.

The poll on the site will run until the eleventh and I urge all my visitors to try out episode 42 of One of those Weeks and let me know if a more elaborate version of Solid Light is desired. In addition to the poll, three sets of words for Ultimate Retro Project's Modern Circle Word have been created. These word sets are dedicated to my Father and are themes based on his interests and life.

One of those Weeks has episode 43 as well as chapter 25 of Making of One of those Weeks coming next month. The rather interesting twist has it's foundations in this episode. The twist might be a bit too obvious after this episode is played, but the twist is actually the whole point I am trying to make with this story.

Finally, Dozen Days of Dice needs a ninth episode. I am hoping to do this episode on the 6th or the 13th but if I am unable to do so then I may do the episode live on the 20th. If that is not possible, then I may reluctantly release the bonus episode that I created but felt was not fun enough to be released.

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