Sunday, September 21, 2008

General ready for release

I spent Saturday putting together episode 10 of my Dozen Days of Dice series. This series, as regular readers already know, is a game in a day series where each episode is created in a single day (technically 24 hours, though I only use 16 of those hours, with only about 12 of those hours actually writing code). I do allow myself to use code/assets from earlier episodes which does make the task much more manageable. The episode will be released at the start of next month so I probably will not have any early releases. I will decide this for sure on Thursday. The game is the category based dice game known as General.

The development of this game is the closest that I have ever come to failing a challenge as I only managed to get the final build to compile at 23:30. While there were a few more fine-tuning touches that I would have loved to add to the game, I do not like failing challenges so figured that the game was good enough. Those of you who want sound when rolling dice can feel free to email me and complain about my decision if you wish.

This means that there are only two more dice games left in the series. As regular Blazing Games visitors already should know, I have five different series of 12 games planned. So I am going to have to decide which series will be coming after the dice series. I am thinking that I will put this to vote next month.

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