Thursday, September 25, 2008

Inside the Secret lab

Well the day seemed to be a good one today which for me is a rare thing lately. I have just posted episode 43 of One of those Weeks on Blazing Games. Only three more episodes left in that series so things are getting quite exciting there. I should, unless something unforeseeable happens, be able to finish the series by the end of this year.

For those of you who enjoy the One of those Weeks series, today's episode is kind of different. The information in this episode will be used in episode 44 and while it is theoretically possible to finish episode 44 without playing episode 43, the odds are quite remote. I was originally going to combine the two episodes together, but I felt that the story worked much better if the events in episode 43 were separated from the events of episode 44.

As for why my day was good, the things I was hoping would happen actually did happen. Of course, these things are part of the family business I was asked not to blog about so I won't. I really do want to write down the things but my family is more important to me so I will honor their wishes.

Finally, for those of you who like having a say in what appears on the Blazing Games site, next week there is going to be a very interesting poll on the home page. You will be able to decide which dozen days of x series will be developed in 2009. Yes, 2009 is getting close. The first week of November and December will also have polls. The amount of responses that the next three polls get will determine if there are more polls in 2009.

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