Sunday, December 16, 2007

Classic Cribbage Instructions finally posted.

I was at reviewing the task list for the Ultimate Retro Project and I discovered that I have not posted the instructions for Classic Cribbage. This was completed a while ago, but was not done on my Mac (the predominant machine that I use for work on UR). In fact, thinking back, I had forgotten to write the instructions for the classic game and only remembered when I started posting the game. I use Dreamweaver for the Blazing Games site, but my CS3 license is for Windows as that is the OS I originally purchased Flash for and Adobe requires that upgrades are for the same OS as the software being upgraded and their software is too expensive to re-purchase. I quickly wrote the instructions on my Windows machine with the intention of posting it to the repository later. As you can tell by this post, later is much longer duration than I originally intended. For that I apologize. For those of you who are actually interested in the Ultimate Retro Project, I am going to try and start spending a couple hours every weekend working on it until the project is complete. I am also going to try posting to the repository more frequently instead of just when I have finished a game.

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